Monday, November 16, 2015

Fantastic Finish for 2015!

Our last tournament of the year was a good one with 14 boats showing up.  The weather threatened to be a bit challenging, but actually held all day and it turned out to be a great day on the water.  It was originally planned to be a two day tournament, but with the pretty threatening weather that was predicted for Sunday, it was decided to only fish on Saturday.  First place went to Ray Austin and Det Mason with 12.52lbs and they also had the second big fish for the tournament at 3.03lbs.  Second place went to  Ken Carpenter and Eddie Lopez with 11.86lbs and Third place went to Steve Sutphin and Colton Dery who had 11.14lbs.  Big fish for the tournament was brought in by Jerry Cool and Craig Sutphin at 3.44lbs.  Congratulations everyone on a great tournament and great year!  Don't forget our Annual Awards Banquet will be on January 16th and we will be having our monthly meeting on November 30th at 7pm at the North Bend Public Library.  Thank you to everyone who made this year great and we look forward to seeing everyone at the banquet!!


Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Final Tournament of 2015!!

Next up we have our final tournament for the 2015 season.  Our club will converge at the Tenmile Lakes County Boat Ramp on November 14th & 15th for our last tournament of the year.  We have been getting a little rain lately, which has brought the lake level up a bit.  The canal between North and South Lake is passable so both lakes should be open for our tournament.  Blast off is scheduled for 7:00 am with weigh-in commencing at 4pm.  Sunday is scheduled for 7:00am to 1:00pm, which is tentative depending on our weather.  Sunday November 8th will be the last day to prefish for this tournament, so get out there and find those fish!  Good luck to everyone, we will see you at the ramp!