Monday, April 18, 2016

Tahkenitch weights are looking good!

On April 16 our club converged on Tahkenitch Lake and had a great day!  There were quite a few fish caught but the bite was a little tough.  We expected more heavyweight fish, but they were tough to find.  Bluebird skies, higher than normal temperatures, and very little wind didn't help in activating these fish.  Also, it was reported that the water temperature was down quite a bit from the previous weekend.  Even with those factors coming into play, our club still had a good day on the lake.  We had 17 boats show up and 11 of those boats had limits of 5 fish. Congratulations to Ray Austin and John Sevc who won with 18.91#'s and also had the big fish for the tournament with a 5.76# lunker.  Second place went Art Milligan who had 16.90#'s and also had the second big fish for the tournament with a 5.44# hog.  Third place went to Ron and Allen Green who had 15.13#'s.  Great job everyone!  We will see everyone at Cottage Grove Reservoir in May!

Just a quick note, our April club meeting will be on April 25th at the North Bend Public Library.  Meeting starts at 7pm but there are plenty of fish stories being told by 6:45pm.  Have fun and see everyone there!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Time to AtTahk!!!

Next up, our club will be attacking the Tahk!  This Saturday, April 16th our club will be having a tournament at Tahkenitch Lake.  Blast off is scheduled for 6:30am with weigh in commencing at 3pm, at the Tahkenitch Campground boat ramp.  If you use the highway ramp, you will need to pay to park at the campground, there is not a pay box at the highway ramp.  The fee is $5.  The lake is now closed for pre-fishing until the day of the tournament.  Please be careful at the highway ramp, there is a large hole in the concrete at the middle of the ramp that could cause damage to your trailer and/or tires.  It was rumored this was going to be fixed, but keep an eye out for it.  Other than that, have fun and stay safe!  There are more than a few deadheads on Tahkenitch, so if you don't know the lake, take it slow.  Parking at both ramps will be a real bear, so keep in mind we could have 20+ boats and make as much room as possible for everyone else.  Good luck, have fun and see everyone Saturday!!