Monday, June 29, 2015

Club Meeting - June 2015

Just a quick reminder, we will be having our monthly meeting tonight, June 29th at the North Bend Public Library at 7pm.  We will see everyone there!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Green Peter!

We had a great weekend at Green Peter Reservoir!  Thank you especially to Kevin McNeill and Larry Robison for the great BBQ and thank you to everyone else who managed to make it up for the tournament.  We had a total of 9 boats for both days of fishing.  Congratulations to Steven and Craig Sutphin who won with 19.33 lbs for two days.  Second place went to Ray Austin and Stan Daza with 15.33lbs. Third place was Kevin McNeill and Larry Robison with 12.46lbs.  The big fish for the tournament was caught by Kevin McNeill who brought in a 3.31 largemouth on the second day. Second big fish was caught by Craig Sutphin, which was a 3.16lb smallmouth.  The total weights for both days are as follows:

1st Place - Steven & Craig Sutphin                         19.33lbs

2nd Place - Ray Austin & Stan Daza                      15.33lbs

3rd Place - Kevin McNeill & Larry Robison          12.46lbs

4th Place - Ted Adkins & James Solinger               11.45lbs

5th Place - Ken Campbell & Mike Strickler            10.15lbs (10.65-0.5 for 1 dead fish)

6th Place - John Sevc & Harvey Banker                  7.91lbs

7th Place - Jerry Cool & Rick Miller                       5.45lbs

8th Place - Joe & Dennis Hunter                              1.84lbs

9th Place - Logan Thom & Shawn Cook                  0.82lbs

This was a good tournament and it was a nice change of venue for our annual two day tournament. The group camp area was a nicely paved oversized parking lot with picnic tables.  The boat ramp on the other hand was a bit of a challenge.  Green Peter Reservoir was fairly low with main Thistle Creek boat ramp being about 25' above water level.  We had to use the lower ramp at Thistle Creek without a dock.  Launching and parking was a bit of a challenge, but the worst part was dealing with the recreational boat/jet ski traffic at weigh in, due to the amount of waves being created by the jet skiis and other boat traffic.  Overall, it was great to see everyone there and thanks again to everyone who made this possible for the club!  We will see everyone in July at Siltcoos Lake!