Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Great day at Cottage Grove!

Our club had a great day at Cottage Grove Reservoir.  First place went to Mike Boyd and Mac Roundsaville with 19.36#'s and the 5.26# big fish for the tournament.  They really had it dialed in!  Second place went to Mike Strickler and Ron Green and third place went to Ray Austin and Det Mason.  Great job guys!  The full results are below.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

35th Annual Tenmile Open Results

This year was our 35th year for the Tenmile Open.  We had an awesome turnout with 67 boats. We would like to thank ALL of our sponsors and members for making this tournament even better this year!  The conditions were great for fishing, but the fish seemed to have another thing in mind.  After Saturday's fishing, we all enjoyed a tasty meal and a great fisherman's raffle.  The second day was better for some and tougher for others.  Congratulations to Michael Runn and Treavor Fisher who won with 31.83# total weight for two days.  It appears these two figured something out with more weight on the second day.  Second place went to Dan Sanders and Kevin Ford with 29.94# and third place went to Clint Messner and Stan Meyers with 28.92#.  Congratulations!!

Thank you to everyone who made this another awesome tournament at Tenmile Lakes!!  We will see you next year!

The full results are available here:

35th Annual Tenmile Open 2016 Results - Page 1 

35th Annual Tenmile Open 2016 Results - Page 2