Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Great night with great folks!

Our annual banquet was a big hit this year.  We had a great group of folks show up for our banquet at Osprey Point this past Saturday.  Congratulations to all of the anglers in the Top 10 for 2014.  Our schedule for the upcoming 2015 tournament season has two new lakes that we haven't fished as a club in a long time, if ever, and this should make for an interesting and exciting season.  Thank you to our Tournament Committee for taking time out of their busy holiday schedules to organize it.  At our banquet we also had a change in club leadership.  We elected some new members to the board of directors for the club.  Thank you to Ken Carpenter and Rick Miller for their dedication to the club.  The new president and vice president have some pretty big shoes to fill.  We will do our best and are always open to suggestions on how to improve the club.  The election results are as follows:

President - Ted Adkins

Vice President - Ed Lopez

Secretary - Ray Austin

Treasurer - Larry Robinson

Tournament Director - Kevin McNeill

1st Alternate - Ken Carpenter

As the new officers begin the 2015 year, we will do our best to keep the club going in the right direction.  One thing that was brought up at the banquet was that we all need to remember this is a club.  We are all here to have fun, meet new people, and learn more about bass fishing.  So if you see someone struggling, don't be afraid to offer up some advice.  We are one of the largest bass clubs in the state and we would like to keep growing, so if you have an idea on how to improve our club, please feel free to contact one of us.  

Again, thank you to all of the members and their supporting family members for making the Tenmile Bass Club what it is today!

The results for the Top Ten Anglers of the Year, Juvenile Angler, and Dull Hook Award are as follows:

1st Place - Ray Austin

2nd Place - Stephen Sutphin

3rd Place - John Sevc

4th Place - Ted Adkins

5th Place - Harvey Banker

6th Place -  Kevin McNeill

7th Place - Det Mason

8th Place - Larry Slaughter

9th Place - Ken Campbell

10th Place - Rick Miller

Juvenile Angler of the Year -  Caden Slaughter

As far as the Dull Hook Award, we had some great nominations, but in the end it was decided that using a human as a fish finder was the best nomination.  Congratulations to Jerry Cool and Greg Kohl!  

One other quick note, we will be having our monthly meeting on Monday January 26th at the North Bend Public Library at 7:00pm.  We hope to see you there!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello 2015!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season.  Our tournament season is about to start and our annual banquet is in just a few days. We had a fantastic 2014 with great turnout at every one of our tournaments.  Let's make 2015 even better!

Upcoming this weekend on January 17th is our annual Tenmile Bass Club Banquet at Osprey Point. We will be awarding our Angler of The Year award and holding annual elections.  Social hour starts at 6pm with dinner being served at 7pm.  We will also be having our annual banquet raffle.  The club is providing all of the food and drinks.  Members are only required to bring their own silverware and a dessert to share with everyone.  The banquet is a great place to meet members, swap tips/techniques, and always a great place to hear some fish stories.  Don't forget, we will be handing out the Dull Hook Award.  If you have any "Dull Hook" nominations we haven't heard yet, be sure to pass them on to Ken Carpenter for recognition.  The banquet will be a great time, we look forward to seeing everyone there!    

As for our 2015 Tournament Schedule, we are about a month away from our first tournament of 2015. Our tournament committee has put together a great schedule with two new lakes.  This year we dropped the night tournament and our weekend at Dorena Lake, replacing them with a weekend at Green Peter Lake and a one day tournament on Galesville Reservoir. These are some great lakes to fish and will add some new waters to our schedule.

As for the Tenmile Lakes, the local weather has been beautiful the past couple weeks with some great opportunities to get out fishing.  The steelhead are in the creek and the bass are still pretty active throughout the lakes. Water clarity is currently pretty murky with temperatures hovering around 46-48 degrees.  We should still have some good weather in the next couple weeks, so get over to Tenmile Lakes and get your prefishing in for our first tournament!

We will see everyone at the banquet!