Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eel Lake - Great turnout with good folks!

Our July tournament on Eel Lake was a good one.  We had 17 boats turnout with lots of fish being caught all day.  The tournament started out great with a good majority of the fish being caught early in the day.  Other than a certain someone having to drive back to Coquille to get the scales, the tournament went off without a hitch.  Good news is I think we have another good nominee for the annual 'Dull Hook Award'. Congratulations to the winners Kevin McNeill and Det Mason who came in with 12.32lbs.  Second place was Ted Adkins and Stephen Sutphin with 11.24lbs and third place was Mike Strickler with 10.68lbs. Big fish for the day goes to Micke Strickler with a 4.52 bigun'. The preliminary results are posted here.  It was great to see so many folks come out for the tournament.  Thank you to everyone for showing up and giving it their all.

Now, it's time to get serious.  Our 33rd Annual Tenmile Open - Sponsored By Cabela's is less than two weeks away.  We have quite a few entries so far with more coming in every day.  The prefish period for the Tenmile Open ends on July 27th at sunset, so get out there and get your patterns and game plans together!  If you haven't sent in your entry, get it in now.  You can download the entry here.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and members working so hard to get ready for the Tenmile Open, without you this tournament would not be possible.  Be safe out there and we will see everyone at the 33rd Annual Tenmile Open!



Monday, July 14, 2014

Eel Lake - It's almost time!

We are halfway through our tournament schedule for 2014 and Eel Lake is up next on July 19th!  There has been quite a bit of activity on Eel with some good catches being reported during our pre-fish period.  Eel Lake is a deep lake with the potential for some monsters lurking.  Eel Lake does have a 10 mph speed limit, please stay under the limit.  Also, there are usually quite a few folks on/in this lake or on the trails around the shoreline. Be aware of people swimming in the lake.  The swimmers typically have a bright colored buoy attached to their person, but not always, so stay sharp.  The Eel Lake tournament will commence at 6:00am with a slow ooze off and weigh in is schedule for 3:00pm.  Remember, if you do not have a partner and want to compete in this or any other tournament, contact the Tournament Director Kevin McNeil at (503)490-6831.  Be ready to catch some fish and have some fun!  

Also, Ray Austin will be handing out copies of the club's constitution and bylaws prior to blast/ooze off at the Eel Lake tournament.  The "Official Tournament Rules" are now a permanent fixture on the website.  If you have any questions regarding the rules, please contact the Tournament Director Kevin McNeil or our Club President Kenny Carpenter.  You can also email the club at and your question or comment will be forwarded to the right person.

Please do not forget about our upcoming Annual Tenmile Open Tournament on August 2nd & 3rd.  We have some really fantastic prizes for the Fisherman's Raffle from all of our awesome sponsors, including our title sponsor - Cabela's.  The previous open tournaments for 2014 on the Tenmile Lakes have seen some record breaking weights recorded.  Bass'n for Bucks had 14 boats over 20lbs for one day and the Nixon's Tenmile Open had some great weights for their two day tournament.  Don't miss out on one of the best Open's on Tenmile Lakes!  There will be great food on Saturday night with a wealth of prizes for the raffle.  Remember, if you aren't there with your ticket when the number is called, you don't win!  All of our proceeds go towards our annual scholarships for local high school graduates.

Stay safe, have fun, and see ya'll at Eel Lake!!